Gowri Chandra is a food journalist who is a regular contributor to Food & Wine; her work has also appeared in Vice, Thrillist, and Condé Nast Traveler. She writes chef profiles, restaurant news, trend pieces, and occasionally covers products. Some of her favorite articles that she's written thus far touch on environmental sustainability, the plant-based movement, and people charting unconventional paths.

Previously, she's worked as a strategist in-house at Fortune 500 companies like Disney and has consulted for brands like Pinkberry, GOOD, and Starbucks—all in marketing, advertising, and product development. She holds a degree in French Literature from Brown University and lives in Los Angeles.

She spends her free time running (she ran her first marathon a couple years ago), hunting for vegan crockpot recipes, and taking road trips whenever she can.

Reach her at gowri.v.chandra🍥gmail.com.